Tactic TTX610 6 kanaals zenderset
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Tactic TTX610 6 kanaals zenderset met ontvanger.

Moving up to a 6-channel opens up the chance to add retracts, flaps or other functions to your aircraft. The TTX610 gives you the control you need at a price you can easily afford.

Changing dual rates on ailerons, elevator and rudder requires flipping a single switch. A two-position and a three-position switch make activating auxiliary functions just as easy.

Like all Tactic 2.4GHz systems, the TTX610 offers the interference-free dependability of the exclusive SLT protocol, which makes it ideal for use with all SLT receivers — including the ones included with all Tx-R (Transmitter-Ready) aircraft. Pressing a button on the included TR625 receiver reinforces TTX610 dependability by creating an unbreakable and exclusive link between your transmitter and receiver.

Dependability, affordability and features make the TTX610 is a standout system that offers the features you want and room to grow!

- Switched 5th and 6th channels for landing gear, flaps and other functions
- Dual rate switch (aileron, elevator & rudder)
- Wireless trainer system, plus wired system with a 3.5mm round jack
- Digital trims with memory, fast/slow step adjustment & sound cues (Ch1-4)
- Servo reversing (all channels)
- V-tail and elevon mixing
- Quad-bearing gimbals
- Adjustable stick lengths

- Low-voltage & and no trainer signal alarms
- Charge jack for optional rechargeable batteries
- Internal antenna
- On/off switch
- Factory-set fail-safes (aileron, elevator & rudder)
- User-settable throttle fail-safe
- Compact, lightweight TR625 twin antenna receiver with push-button linking

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